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  • Estimation is approximation of values using available information at the time. With more than 69 years of experience in the field and a dedicated team to track market updates, we at Master Plannery provide you a very accurate one at that.

    • Preliminary Estimation:

    We design a preliminary line diagram to the needs of customer to accommodate Vastu, to decide layout to suit the site and requirements available layout on the site, budget constraints, purpose etc. With this limited information, we provide a preliminary estimate so the client can prepare himself financially.

    • Detailed Estimation:

    After customer’s approval, our team of engineers will visit the site to obtain information about location, soil properties, transportability of materials and availability of water and electricity. A measurement of the site is taken for further purposes. With additional information, we prepare a detailed estimate which includes all forms of construction trade, labour, transport and bill of material. This will allow the client to review each item that goes into their construction and compare it with the market price. In addition to estimating, team of engineers participate in value engineering, design issues and conformity to local laws. Our customers can take the liberty to make any changes during this stage.