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    Master Plannery is a technology, engineering, manufacturing and construction institution well versed in providing end to end construction solutions to customers. With over six decades of customer focused approach and continuous quest for technological advances, building methods, best practices, Master Plannery has attained leadership in all its ventures.

    It is a pioneer in Precast Concrete and has delivered many innovative products to the society including Concood(TM). Customers will be able to receive pre-construction/construction/post construction solution under one roof without any hassle, dealing with any trades.

    Master Plannery has been dealing with all construction materials, hardware, sanitary products, paint, cement, steel etc. reducing the overall cost of construction.

    One can rest assured that the local community is benefited by providing business to Master Plannery. Master Plannery believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment.


    To implement sustainable practices in construction with technology that ensures high quality at an affordable price and low impact on environment


    Provide end to end solution in construction there by build community and trust. Vertical integration, horizontal integration to achieve business goals.   

    Innovative Pre-cast technology for furniture and other products
    Efficient & Modern techniques for residential and commercial construction
    Versatile Wood works , Steel Fabrication & Fibre products


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    Udupi Ms. Mridula

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    “ I just would like to say ‘Amazing initiative’. One thing is clear, Place is not a drawback to achieve. Very happy to experience the real business and how it is managed. Practically providing innovation and social responsibility is must for every enterprise”.

    Ashley D’souza

    MBA department, VCET, Puttur

    “Really it’s a wonderful experience to visit Master Plannery, a unique venture. Thank you everyone for extending support in visiting the unit”.

    Lakshmi V Bhat

    HOD, Department of business management, SVS College, Bantwal

    “ Master Plannery’s contribution to the society is tremendous,  especially targeting the middle class and lower class segment of the society. Construction field being the more expensive sector in the recent scenario, Master Plannery could reduce the burden of that through its innovative ideas and techniques”.

    Prof. Sandeep Kumar P


    “Being in a small town like Puttur, Master Plannery is doing an extra ordinary initiation”.

    Saketh Bhandary

    Vijaya Karnataka, Mangalore

    “ Very impressed by the quality and uses put to concrete. Glad to see attention paid to surface finish and to good curing. Hardly a pore crack was seen. This is concrete at its best”.

    Dr. Kevin Paine

    BRE centre for innovative construction materials, University of bath, U.K

    Master Plannery of Puttur was entrusted with the job of forming a township at Shreedhara gudda village, issued by Zilla panchayath, Bellary. I had an opportunity to visit the site on completion of the project. I appreciate the quality of workmanship and innovative technology used in the project

    Chief Executive Officer

    Master Plannery of Puttur, is known to us, technically and commercially, for about thirty years. The firm is one of a kind in Karnataka, which has a professional capability to innovate, design and build any structure in the field of Civil Engineering. Their products are designed and built with scientifically based know-how and the technology used is the state-of-the-art.

    R. Shivashankar

    Prof. and Head Dept. of Civil Engineering

    It has been a great experience to work with such a professional firm who can not only execute the ordered work but also look out for the work given, devising innovative ideas and strategies for further improvement of the buildings and facilities and in the process.

    Dr. Ramesh Kumar P IFS

    Deputy Convervator of Forests