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  • The most common cause of deterioration of concrete structures today is corrosion. With time, metal corrodes and the maintenance cost for structures made out of metal shoots up as soon as the signs occur. On the other hand, fibre based products are immune to this phenomenon. Hence, if implemented correctly, they can be of great use in the field of civil engineering.


    Modern civil engineers are promoting the combination of steel fibres with traditional fibres in order to downsize the possibility of corrosion on their projects. While that is a deep topic altogether, we also promote the same application when applicable.


    At Master Plannery, we make sure that the materials that we use for our projects are of the perfect fit for the customer while being in harmony with the environment. Therefore, we do not turn back from using fibrous materials when an opening occurs.


    Our staff is filled with qualified professionals who understand all kinds of science behind civil engineering. We also keep our customers on a pedestal and are completely open to suggestions from them which however follows up with a feedback from our experts in order to maximize the potential of the project in hand.